Pandora Sykes is launching a new podcast next month, and it’s all about books

Still mourning The High Low? Pandora Sykes is back with a new podcast to add to your must-listen list.

We’re always in need of a great book recommendation, and if there’s one person whose literary suggestions we can trust, it’s Pandora Sykes. As a Women’s Prize for Fiction judge in 2022 and host of The High Low podcast, she knows how to tap into what we love.

That’s what makes her latest venture so exciting. Two weeks after she rebooted our reading lists at Stylist Live, Sykes has shared that she’ll soon be launching a new podcast – all about books. 

It’s called Book Chat (a great name) and will be hosted by Sykes and Bobby Palmer, author of Isaac And The Egg. The trailer declares that the podcast will do “what it says on the tin”. Each episode, Sykes will bring along a book and so will Palmer, then the pair shall chat. 

There’s just one rule: the books must be at least two years old. That’s right, no new releases, hyped-up reads or top 10 bestsellers here – instead, the duo will be discussing much-loved books that are already on their bookshelves, and perhaps on yours, too. 

The idea is that rather than encouraging us to race out and buy the latest copy of whatever’s all over our Instagram feed, we look to books that we perhaps bought ages ago and forgot we even had. Or we can buy the book secondhand or borrow it from a mate. 

“And in this world of non-stop consumption and cultural overload, we’re going to be releasing an episode just once a month,” says Sykes. “At the end of each one, we’ll announce our books for the next episode.” 

Think of it as an old-school book club, just in podcast form, and with Pandora Sykes and Bobby Palmer. Sounds good to us. 

The first podcast will arrive on 1 December, with additional episodes to be released on the first of each month thereafter. Sykes’s first book to dig out from your local library is Tales Of The City by Armistead Maupin, and Bobby’s is Tin Man by Sarah Winman. 

Sykes’s first book pick is Tales Of The City by Armistead Maupin and Palmer has chosen Sarah Winman’s Tin Man, so search for them on your bookshelves or make a beeline to your local library to grab a copy.

Get reading now – you’ve got exactly one week to get prepped for the launch. Once it hits, we’d strongly advise getting out your cosiest blanket, cuddling up on the sofa and settling in for a listen. 

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