'Outlander' Renewed for Eighth & Final Season

The news Outlander fans have been waiting for since 2020, is finally here. The hit Starz drama which first aired in 2014 has been renewed for its eighth and final season. Caitríona Balfe and Sam Heughan will of course continue as leads Jamie & Claire, bringing this half-time traveling couple to television screens now for almost 10 years! The news will be bittersweet for Outlander fans. Before the series ends, there will be 26 new episodes, 16 for season 7 which premieres this summer. And 10 new episodes for the final season, that will bring Diana Gabaldon’s epic love story to a close. However, there is still more to come from Starz, Gabaldon and the Outlander team, with a prequel series about Jamie Fraser’s parents, Brian and Ellen.

Fans of the show will remember Jamie told Claire about his parents’ love story on their wedding night. The show will take place B.J. (before Jamie), so Heughan and Balfe will most likely not appear. But then again, Claire Fraser is a time traveler and smarter than everyone, so she and Jamie probably figured out how to make their love story last forever. Maybe she’s going to be rolling around visiting the Frasers at different points in their lives. What a great way for her to meet her in-laws.

So get ready for two more years of Jamie and Claire, and know that the Outlander fam will be on television for years to come. If there’s one thing Jamie and Claire are good at, it’s popping up in different times and coming back from the dead. While you wait for season 7, check out our chat with Outlander star Annette Badland where she flashes back to season 1 of Outlander. If you want to re-watch all six seasons, now is the time, and here are some of the standout episodes to guide you in your re-watch. Now raise a Jamie and Claire Fraser-sized glass of whisky and rejoice for two more years of Jamie and Claire chaos.

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