Netflix Is Developing a Brand-New “AAA PC” Game

Netflix has plans to develop an AAA PC game sometime in the near future, Engadget first reported. The streamer posted a job listing for a Game Director based in Los Angeles that would help the company to “forge the game direction and creative vision on a brand-new AAA PC game,” the listing reads.

For those who may be unfamiliar, an AAA game is an industry classification used to describe high-budget, major-profile titles. As a result, the game is expected to have immaculate production and thus, attract a wide audience of gamers.

Per the listing, the ideal Game Director will have at least 10 years of industry leadership experience necessary to bring a game from the concept stage to prototypes to a full-fledged implementation. They’ll also need to have a background in live service games and both first-person and third-person shooters, meaning the mystery title will likely include a combination of the two perspectives.

Beyond capability to lead the buildout of the game, Netflix wants the Game Director “ to develop the world/characters/narrative that are worthy of a Netflix film/TV series.” It appears that the company is anticipating its AAA to be such a success that it’ll eventually be able to adapt the game into a show or movie.

The job listing arrives amid Netflix’s ongoing efforts to further its game roster and make a name for itself in the industry, the forthcoming AAA being one of its biggest endeavors in the gaming sphere to date.

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