Michelin Star Chef Shusaku Toba Whips Up An Ice Cream Toast Recipe

Using accessible ingredients you can find at any grocery store in Japan, Tokyo’s restaurant Sio’s chef, Shusaku Toba, introduces an easy delectable “Yukimi Apple Pie” ice cream toast recipe.

With a thick-cut slice of Shokupan bread, the Michelin star chef slathers on a coat of melted, unsalted butter. He proceeds to toast it on each side with a frying pan. Topping off the toasted bread with a slice of cheese, the chef adds a dollop of apple jam forming a crater for the star ingredient.

The key element is a ball of sweet vanilla ice cream cocooned in mochi and dusted with powdered sugar, called Yukimi Daifuku, which is plopped on before sliding into the oven. Once the mochi sizzles and splits open, the dish is ready to be dusted with cinnamon sugar.

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