India Announces Plans To Build Its Own Space Station by 2035

India will soon be host to its own space station. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in a governmental meeting the country’s intent to build a space station by 2035.

Over the past few years, India has been amping up its space exploration efforts, namely with the planned Gaganyaan mission. The country is planning for a three-person crewed orbital mission that will officially launch the Indian Human Spaceflight Programme.

While there have been just a few Indian astronauts who have made the trek to space, the mission would mark the first time India has made the journey using its own spacecraft.

The Bharatiya Antariksha Station — also known as the Indian Space Station – will serve as the point from which India will conduct 20 major tests and 3 uncrewed missions ahead of the actual Gaganyaan mission. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that among its “new and ambitious goals,” India is also aiming to send the first Indian astronaut to the Moon by 2040.

The country is additionally calling on its scientists to work on “interplanetary missions that would include a Venus Orbiter Mission and a Mars Lander.”

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