Hypebeast Visits: Sean Brown's Whimsical Curves Showroom

“The more that I start going through records and album artwork, it starts to become about how I can take this form of media that I grew up with and create something entirely new,” Sean Brown — furniture designer and the latest subject of Hypebeast Visits — says. It’s a simple and transparent formula that the founder has followed when establishing his creative entities Curves by Sean Brown and Hypatia — the former of which is predicated on turning hip hop nostalgia into home goods while the latter is an architectural design firm that specializes in space making and curation.

Brown started to generate noise in the world of design for his album-inspired rugs, some of which referenced culture-shifting records such as Ye‘s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Sade‘s Love Deluxe, Jay-Z‘s Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter and more. And since then, he’s expanded his wings into other categories of furniture design such as making ceramic piggy banks that draw from retro Nike shoe boxes, inflatable chairs, puddle mirrors and more. “We all recognize the label that’s on a shoe box,” Brown tells Hypebeast. “That’s the kind of thing that I’m interested in, how can you say a lot with saying a little?”

The adaptive and personable Curves founder showed us around his whimsical Toronto showroom and discussed everything from how he started designing, his favorite cultural references, his ambitions within the world of space and more. Watch the full video above to learn their full story.

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