Honda Develops "In-Shoe Navigation System" for the Visually Impaired

Honda has made a navigation device for visually impaired people, called the “in-shoe navigation system.” As the name suggests, this device is attached to the wearer’s shoes and helps to navigate them to their desired location, which is predetermined by using a smartphone app that sends information to the device.

There are multiple vibrating points situated around the device to indicate to the wearer where they should be heading. For example, if they’re to go straight on, the front vibrator will ignite, and the same goes for when you need to go left or right.

As the images show above, this piece of wearable tech can be added to all kinds of shoes, and Honda has also said that it doesn’t get in the way of using a cane or being able to listen out for important noises, such as traffic or road crossing signals. In short, this is Honda’s attempt at including the visually impaired in the forever-progressing world of GPS, all while making sure they can “walk more safely” with a “more relaxed state of mind,” as explained by CarScoops.

Watch the Honda “in-shoe navigation system” in action in the video above, and find out more on Honda’s website. And note, the device is expected to release (yes, this isn’t just some conceptual experiment) before March 31st, 2023.

In other news, Apple and Google are to be probed in the U.K. over their dominant positions in the tech market.
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