FDMTL x Medicom Toy BE@RBRICK Surfaces in Sashiko Stitching

Following the release of FDMTL x Medicom Toy BE@RBRICKs earlier this year in distressed denim patterns, another set of 1000% and 400% BE@RBRICKs are now on the way incorporating real sashiko and boro stitching. FDMTL was founded in 2005, building a reputation over the years for its quality Japanese indigo garments.

The upcoming figures are completely covered in a patchwork of soft-touch indigo fabrics with hand-woven traditional patterns. Additional details include a FDMTL™ fabric tag stiched on the back leg detailing the “fan-de-men-tel” pronunciation of the brand alongside the definition: “forming an essential part of creation.” The figures arrive in a similarly-patterned box decorated with BE@RBRICK outlines.

Look for the FDMTL x Medicom Toy BE@RBRICK in 400% and 1000% sizes to release on December 4 at 9 a.m. ET via HBX for $280 and $1,170 USD respectively.

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