Expanscape Previews Its 7-Screen Aurora Prototype Laptop

Expanscape has unveiled its monstrous Aurora 7 Prototype laptop. The “7” in the name stands for how many screens this laptop holds — seven.

As the description for the project reads, the Aurora 7 Prototype is setting out to be a “proper” portable Security Operations Center, but will also be a formidable machine for DevSecOps, content creators, data scientists, cybersecurity, and day traders.

On top of the seven screens, the prototype has a list of requirements from the developers to fulfill until they are ready to put it into production. A lot of those requirements have already reached 100 percent with a few remaining details like the battery system and weight still a work in progress. That list of requirements can be found on the Achievement Percentage page.

For those curious about the power consumption of seven screens, the Aurora 7 Prototype has a dedicated 148Wh battery for the screens and an 82Wh battery for the system. The batteries can power on the laptop for only 28 minutes when set to 9900K@4GHz, or for one hour at 9900K@2GHz.

Head to Expanscape’s website for the list of specifications.

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