Diadora’s New B.560 Sneaker Serves Up a Blast From Tennis Past

Last year, Italian sports brand Diadora dipped into its archives to construct a new retro-inspired court sneaker. Piecing together classic tennis elements with new wax finishes and technical components, the original B.560 models a harmonious composition of heritage style and contemporary mastering.

With the versatile design opening up new opportunities for wear beyond the court, Hypebeast produces a dynamic series of visuals that encapsulates the vibrant lives of tennis players today. Enlisting brand ambassadors Alejandro Davidovich Fokina and Martina Trevisan, the editorial positions the professional players in classic Diadora lifestyle outfits. Going from their typical game uniforms to the B.560-led vintage look, the switch in tennis styles symbolizes their enduring love for the sport, both on and off the court.

Coming off the Australian open, rising Spanish star Fokina sits down with Hypebeast for an exclusive interview to discuss his tennis career, revealing the iconic moments that inspired him, how he experiences pressure in the face of competition and why this Diadora partnership is a match made in heaven.

Hypebeast: Considering your involvement in the sport from the age of three, why do you think the relationship with tennis lasts a lifetime?

Fokina: I was born with a tennis racquet. Growing up, I always watched the champions on TV and started playing from an early age. Once I finish my professional tennis career, I think that it will be very difficult to cut tennis out completely, my future will still be tied to the sport because I will certainly miss it.

“Dealing with pressure is one of the fundamental aspects of our sport, but match after match facing these components turns the pressure into adrenaline.”

Tell us a little bit about your favorite courts to play on across the world?

My favorite surface is red clay. It allows me to express my best tennis skills, but I also enjoy playing on other surfaces and I think my tennis can adapt well to any environment. Amongst my favorite tournaments are Roland Garros, Monte-Carlo and Rome, then of course the Spanish tournaments. Playing at home with the crowd is always exciting, in Madrid I experienced some of the greatest emotions on the tennis court.

Your professional career has seen you play against Novak Djokovic, Matteo Berrettini and other big names, how have you leveled with the pressure that comes with this?

Every day I practice hard to experience moments like these. You have to be able to enjoy the unique matches because you never know if they will happen again. Dealing with pressure is one of the fundamental aspects of our sport, but match after match you gain more experience and facing these components turns the pressure into adrenaline. But it’s also important to take care of your body so I always practice my mobility and meditation ahead of a new tournament.

In what ways does the Diadora brand resonate with you as a tennis player?

Diadora is a historic brand in the world of tennis and has dressed many champions of our sport. It is a privilege to have been chosen as one of its ambassadors. To be one of the few to wear it on the ATP Tour makes me realize how important this is and gives me great satisfaction.

From Bjorn Borg to Jennifer Capriati, Diadora’s partnerships with a number of tennis icons have contributed to their trailblazing success. Which figures changed the game in tennis for you?

Jennifer Capriati and Bjorn Borg were some of the greatest champions of our sport. They wrote history and won some of the most important tournaments. Other figures who changed the game for me include Ivan Lendl and especially Roger Federer. He was the player I grew up admiring and always had as an example. He brought a combination of elegance and determination to the tennis court as well as a new game style that changed the way tennis was played forever.

“I’m someone who doesn’t like to stand still, I like to make myself heard on the tennis court.”

The brand has constantly prided itself on superior quality and craftsmanship, why is it important to feel supported by your sneakers before any match?

The tennis shoe for a professional player is essential. It can allow you to be fast on the court and helps prevent injuries. Diadora is certainly one of the world’s leading brands for the quality of its products. I have visited its manufacturing process and was impressed by what goes behind every pair of shoes, which are handmade with great attention to detail.

With players finding more ways to express their individuality on the court, how do you inject your personality into the game?

As I gain experience, I am trying to learn to stay calmer without hiding my personality. I’m someone who doesn’t like to stand still, I like to make myself heard on the tennis court. This has often brought pressure but I’m working hard to find the best way to bring my emotions onto the court.

Explore the full editorial in the gallery above. To read the interview with Martina Trevisan, head to Hypebae now.

The new B.560 sneaker is now available to buy on Diadora’s website, global stores, and partner stockists.
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