Beanie Sigel Opens up About Past Issues With JAY-Z, Revealing He Has ”Never Been Crushed Like That”

The former Roc-A-Fella artists, Beanie Sigel and JAY-Z have had a complicated relationship from the get-go. Prior to Beanie’s 2009 diss track at Jay, the two had already had a falling out. The high-profile beef gave the public a front-row seat to the infamous Roc-A-Fella split.

Sigel recently sat down on an episode of Drink Champs and discussed how he felt when JAY vouched for him in court when he was faced with federal weapon charges and attempted murder in 2003. Though he did vouch for Sigel, he also told the court that he was not responsible for him. Sigel shared, “I never been crushed like that ever in my life. That f*cked me up. That took away a lot of sh*t that I thought we had. Like, that’s big bro. I believe at that time, JAY was thinking that I was unpredictable. I was bugging. I know I was out of pocket. I was uncontrollable.”

Luckily, the two patched things up before the 2015 Tidal-hosted concert, which saw the pair reunited on stage. Sigel also admitted that he regretted not having an open discussion about that right away, “We ain’t never had that conversation. I wanted to hear it from him. Like, ‘Where was you at?’ There was a lot that weighed on me. That was f*cked up to me. You got to have some kind of communication.”

Sigel also dove into how he first became connected to JAY-Z, citing his friend Boo-Bonic of Philly’s Most Wanted making the introduction. Soon after his first meeting with JAY, Sigel was given a record deal.

Watch the full interview above.

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