Yung Joc Believes DaBaby’s Female Fans Switches on Him After He Disrespects His BM DaniLeigh

When weighing in on DaBaby’s alleged low ticket sales, the ‘Juice Box’ rapper says the other reason why the former’s female fans switched on him was due to his claim about sleeping with Megan Thee Stallion.

AceShowbizYung Joc thinks DaBaby is talented, but he could’ve been bigger than who he is now if he didn’t create some controversies. In a new interview, the “Juice Box” rapper said he believes DaBaby’s female fans switched on him after he disrespected his baby mama, DaniLeigh.

The 42-year-old offered his two cents when weighing in on reports about DaBaby’s low ticket sales on VladTV. When he did that s**t, when that s**t took – transpired with him and DaniLeigh, you always gotta remember man,” he first opined.

“In a position of being an entertainer. If your fan base more women… if it’s women, when you start looking like you’re a womanizer or you don’t care about women or you’ll go against them women that’s supposed to mean someone in your life, that s**t is gonna stick with them,” Joc added. “Because every woman has dealt with a man like this.”

Not only the drama with Dani, Joc believes that DaBaby lost his female fans after claiming he slept with Meghan Thee Stallion. “One of the last things that he did that possibly ticked off his fan base, the women, in this culture, is out of the blue saying he f**k Meghan Thee Stallion,” Joc explained. “Even dudes were like, ‘Damn, why you do that?’ “

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