What We Learned From Samantha Markle’s Book About Meghan

tell-all book The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister Part 1, and the details she shares are shocking (via Cosmopolitan). From the title alone, it’s obvious that the older Markle sister set to put all their bad blood on display, and the book does not disappoint.

Refusing to mince words, Samantha has been fiercely critical of Meghan in the past, even referring to her as the “duchess of nonsense” and saying she is to blame for their father Thomas Markle’s troubles (via The Sun). Although the sisters have been estranged for a decade, Samantha based her latest book on her memories of Meghan’s childhood in California, extending to her new life as a royal.

According to US Weekly, Samantha claims in her memoir that Meghan always got “whatever she wanted and needed” from their dad as a kid, even alluding to her possibly growing up spoiled. That being said, she also told the magazine that her book “has never been designed to attack [her] sister,” but that seems very debatable.

Everything to know about Samantha Markle's tell-all

In her book, Samantha Markle talks about Meghan Markle’s upbringing, saying that their father and Meghan “were inseparable” growing up, and that Thomas was both “maternal and paternal” to her. Insinuating he took on both roles throughout her life, the older Markle sister writes about their father calling Meghan his “Bean” (via US Weekly).

Meghan’s parents’ divorce is also highlighted throughout the book, describing how Meghan had to divide her time between both parents throughout her childhood. However, Samantha says Meghan was unfazed: “From what I saw, she really enjoyed having ‘two houses with one bridge between them.” In fact, Samantha talks about Meghan being “demanding,” as well as “belittling and controlling” of their dad, and that she can’t “recall ever hearing [Thomas] say no to Meg.”

Samantha paints their father Thomas as a doting dad, paying for Meghan’s education at Northwestern University and being happy to see her in a long-term relationship when she wed first husband Trevor Engelson. However, 56-year-old Samantha says she and her father both saw Meghan “had changed” once she started dating Prince Harry.

By Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding, Samantha says she heard that “the royal family wanted to help [Thomas], and make sure that he was provided for” but that Meghan had “rejected the idea” (via Cosmopolitan).  Although mostly hearsay, this reveal is probably the most shocking from the book, and will undoubtedly send waves throughout the royal family.

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