Tom Jones shares moment he knew he ‘couldn’t bulls**t’ wife Linda: ‘She wouldn’t take it!’

Tom Jones recalls meeting his wife

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Sir Tom Jones, 80, recalled the very moment he knew he is wife Linda Trenchard wasn’t a push over, after she warned him that as soon as he began to morph from the man she married into a global superstar in the walls of their home, “forget it”. The singer revealed that was when he realised “she will not take bulls**t from me”.

I loved that because I realised I can’t bulls**t this girl

Sir Tom Jones

Chatting to Jessie Ware on her Table Manners podcast, Tom looked back on his life with his beloved Linda, who sadly past away in 2016 after a “short but fierce” battle with lung cancer.

He remembered that during an Elvis Presley concert, the rock ‘n’ roll icon would tell him that he was “lucky” to have found love before the fame, which he hadn’t been so fortunate doing with a girl he had met as a budding artist.

“He still thought of that girl,” Tom said, “He said, ‘That’s the girl I wanted and I couldn’t get her.’

“‘She went off with someone else because I was too busy doing my thing, but you got married before fame happened.'”

Tom shrugged as he admitted his solid marriage was what “kept him going”.

But during a party one evening at their mansion in the US, Linda really showed him who was boss.

“I was drinking a glass of Dom Perignon champagne and smoking a big cigar and I was getting a bit out of my pram as we say,” he smirked, as the moment came flooding back to mind.

“And Linda said, ‘Just a minute… you don’t really think you’re Tom Jones do you?’ and I said, ‘Well, yes I am’ and she said, ‘No, I married Tommy Woodward.

‘As soon as you start believing you’re Tom Jones, forget it.’

“I loved that because I realised I can’t bulls**t this girl and she will not take bulls**t from me.”

He went on to say that during Linda’s final moments, their son Mark spoke words of reassurance to his dad, which prompted The Voice judge to wonder: “‘You’re mother used to keep me grounded, now who’s going to save me from me?'”

“You can get carried away, I started drinking a lot after she died because I thought the only way I’m going to get through this is to be large,” Tom sighed.

“It doesn’t work. You can’t do that, you’ve got to be real.”

He added of his son: “Thank god Mark keeps me grounded, it’s like his mother is speaking to me.”

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