Taylor Swift and Her Mom Duped People on Southwest Flights

Throughout the course of her career, Taylor Swift has made it clear just how much she loves her mom. Andrea Swift has been honored in some of the songwriter’s most sentimental tunes. Both “The Best Day” and “Soon You’ll Get Better” serve as Taylor’s open love letters to her mom. Taylor has expressed that her mother is her closest confidant. In fact, she relies on Andrea to help her process her complex life in lieu of a therapist.

Taylor Swift acknowledges the sacrifices that her mom, dad, and brother made for her career

Taylor has made it clear that her mom has always prioritized her dreams. When the All Too Well director decided that she wanted to be a successful country singer, Andrea moved her family from Pennsylvania to Nashville. This gave Taylor a better opportunity to be exposed to the music industry. Eventually, Taylor would become one of the biggest singers in the world. However, her success didn’t happen overnight. In her recent speech to NYU graduates, she showed her appreciation for her family’s willingness to support her larger-than-life dreams.

“I know that words are supposed to be my ‘thing,’ but I will never be able to find the words to thank my mom and my dad, and my brother, Austin, for the sacrifices they made every day so that I could go from singing in coffee houses to standing up here with you all today because no words would ever be enough,” Taylor declared.

The songwriter’s mother, Andrea Swift, traveled with her during the early days of her career

One of the sacrifices that Taylor was referring to was the amount of travel that she and her mom did early on in her career. Andrea always accompanied her daughter on tours. In the aforementioned speech, the Hannah Montana: The Movie star explained how she and her mom would dupe other passengers to make their experience on commercial flights more comfortable.

“I never got to have the normal college experience, per se,” Taylor shared. “I went to public high school until tenth grade and finished my education doing homeschool work on the floors of airport terminals. Then I went out on the road on a radio tour, which sounds incredibly glamorous but, in reality, it consisted of a rental car, motels, and my mom and I pretending to have loud mother-daughter fights with each other during boarding so no one would want the empty seat between us on Southwest.”

Taylor secretly record ‘The Best Day’ song and music video to honor Andrea

Clearly, Taylor and her mother weren’t afraid to put on a show in order to maximize their travel experiences. And while the folklore artist may feel that there will never be words to truly thank Andrea, she has tried to show her appreciation through her art. In fact, the singer once secretly recorded a song and music video to honor her mother. In an interview, Taylor explained how she surprised her mom with “The Best Day”.

“I recorded it secretly on days when she wasn’t visiting the studio,” Taylor shared. “And edited a bunch of home videos to the video and played it for her for Christmas. It was the first time she’d ever heard the song or seen the video. She didn’t even know the song existed.”

Clearly, Swift is appreciative of all the sacrifices that her mom has made. Given the level of her success, it seems that it all paid off.

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