Russ Says Records Labels Will Die When 'Lazy' Artists Stop Signing Contracts

The music industry is a prehistoric artist trap that needs to end … so thinks Russ, arguably one of the most entrepreneurial-minded rappers the game has ever seen.

We caught up with the digital disruptor fresh off the heels of releasing his mini-movie “Handsomer (Remix),” which co-stars Snoop Dogg and Tiffany Haddish.

In March, Russ and his business partner Bugus launched their label DIEMON a.k.a. “Do It Everyday Music or Nothing” — an offshoot from a traditional record deal as their artists won’t be held to crazy overheads and will be encouraged to have more authentic relationships with fans.

Russ called out labels for overcharging artists for services and even went as far as to say “digital marketing” — one of the most buzz-worthy terms in music — was all a sham.

According to his experiences, artists only sign to labels for the convenience of not wanting to handle their business affairs but Russ feels the DIY mantra can still be applied even without the giant corporation eating into your record and ticket sales.

Here’s what’s even more interesting … Russ openly admits his label deal wasn’t a bad one, especially compared to some of the other contracts out there.

He owned his masters and didn’t fall into the red with his finances.

But he rather use his own money for a $300,000 video than have a label use his money for a $300,000 video — and then charge interest.

Can’t be mad at that. Neither can LaRussell and Ktlyn — the first two artists on DIEMON!

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