‘Revenge’ Reunion Coordinator Speaks Out About Christa B. Allen Not Being Invited At First

The coordinator for the upcoming Revenge reunion is now speaking out after Christa B. Allen announced she hadn’t been invited to the virtual event.

The reunion was expected to just host a reunion with four of the lead cast members – Emily VanCamp, Josh Bowman, Nick Wechsler, and Barry Sloane – on February 6.

Christa addressed not being invited to the reunion on social media, saying that “would’ve loved to be there with you all, but as per usual I was not invited.”

After the story took off on media outlets, Winklepicker Entertainment founder Mark Wright revealed that Christa would be extended an invitation to it, as well as the other stars who were left off, as the reunion was moved to another host that could welcome more than just the four originally planned actors.

“In the beginning, we could only accommodate four of the cast members because of tech limitations,” he explained to E!. “Within the last few weeks, we ended up joining with a new platform, so we’re going to be able to expand the event. Now, we’re looking to include the other cast members, if they’re available. I’m inviting them all this week.”

Mark added, “I just want to make it right with her, let her know that she was on my list to reach out to invite. She just beat me to the punch because the marketing team started posting stuff to get the ball rolling, and we planned to continue to add people as we go.”

He has yet to officially extend the invitation to Christa.

This was the last event Christa was seen at earlier last year.

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