Plane Makes Terrifying Landing in England in Heavy Winds

If you’re a white-knuckle flyer … DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!

A plane made a terrifying landing in England during an epic storm … and the armrests now almost certainly have permanent indentations.

The plane was attempting to land at the Manchester Airport Tuesday … as winds from Storm Barra seem to rip in every direction around the runway.

The plane was battered by crosswinds as the pilot tried touching down. The plane at times goes perpendicular to the runway as the pilot struggles … seemingly in vain.

You gotta wonder … why didn’t the pilot abort the landing? The answer may be this was the least bad option, because if the pilot aborted the plane would be in the same predicament and maybe worse.

It seemed the pilot was running out of runway … moving almost uncontrollably for too long, but good news … somehow the plane landed.

Hope the passengers brought a change of clothes.

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