Nick Cannon explains why he's working after death of baby son, more news

Nick Cannon says hosting show is ‘therapeutic’ as he mourns the death of his son, Zen

One day after Nick Cannon announced the death of his newborn son, Zen, he returned to his eponymous talk show to a round of supportive applause. “Thank you. I need it. I need it,” he told the audience. “Even in our lowest moments, it’s the other people around you, it’s your family that builds you up, so thank you.” Nick first revealed on his Dec. 7 show that he and Alyssa Scott had lost their child to brain cancer and a tumor, explaining that in the months after Zen’s birth in June, he and Alyssa noticed something was off. He was diagnosed with brain cancer and his health began to decline more rapidly around Thanksgiving, Nick said, as the tumor started growing faster. Nick said he was able to take Zen to see “the ocean” this past weekend shortly before saying goodbye. “People keep asking me how I am doing,” Nick told his audience on Dec. 8. “I say, ‘I’m vertical.’ I’m standing. That is a good start.” He added that he’s taking things “five minutes at a time.” He also addressed why he’s working at all at such a painful time: “To me, this isn’t work. This is love. And I love you back. This is therapy for me. This is therapeutic.” After sharing lines from some of the gospel music he’s sought solace in since Zen’s death, Nick gave fans another round of thanks for their support. “I never want to exploit this. I kept it private for so long, since I found out about Zen’s diagnosis [out of] respect to his mother, Alyssa [Scott], everyone in our family,” he explained. “So yesterday, the onslaught of really love, and care, it’s brand-new to me, so I’m dealing with it. So thank you. That’s all I can say.” Nick’s show will continue to air live until Dec. 20, a rep tells ET, before taking a break and returning in 2022.

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Kyle Richards says Dorit Kemsley has PTSD from home invasion

Dorit Kemsley joined her “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” castmates at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards on Dec. 7, marking her first big red-carpet appearance since she was held at gunpoint and robbed in her home in October. But she’s not out of the woods yet, as far as recovering, emotionally, from the near-death experience. “I would say that she is absolutely struggling,” Dorit’s friend, Kyle Richards, told “Access Hollywood” at the PCA Awards. “When it first happened, I think she was in shock, and now the reality has settled in. It’s going to take some time; it takes a long time. I would say she has a little PTSD, no doubt.” In November, Dorit told “Extra” she’d been having panic attacks since the Oct. 27 incident, during which she’s said she begged for her life and the lives of her children, who were asleep during the break-in. Her husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley, was out of the country at the time. Police are reportedly still investigating the robbery, during which items ranging from luxury handbags and watches to expensive jewelry was stolen.

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Lizzo brings back Chris Evans baby joke, shouts out Drake at Art Basel

That torch Lizzo’s been carrying for Chris Evans still burns bright! And at her Art Basel performance in Miami over the weekend, the “Truth Hurts” singer found the perfect way to work their faux love story into her set, complete with a reference to the hilarious video she posted over the summer in which she fake-confessed she was pregnant with the “Avengers” star’s baby, whom she dubbed “a li’l America.” Thanks to social media videos from her performance on Dec. 4, we now know Lizzo covered “Tyrone,” the Grammy-nominated R&B hit from Erykah Badu’s 1997 “Live” album. Toying with her audience, Lizzo tweaked the lyric, “I think you better call Tyrone,” crooning instead, “Maybe I should call Chris Evans … so Captain America could put another bun up in my oven.” Lizzo followed it up with a shout-out (slash open invitation) to another star she’s fond of shamelessly flirting with: “Or maybe I should call back Drake …?” she teased. Lizzo first made good on her Chris crush back in April, when she drunkenly slid into his DMs, then told fans what she’d done.

Ryan Reynolds’ acting ‘sabbatical’ is about ‘being a present dad’

Ryan Reynolds says he’s “ready to live life like a normal human” bytaking some time off from acting. In a video interview with LinkedIn published Dec. 6, the 45-year-old star explains that he’s turning his attention to a pair of projects that don’t require him to be on set — his creative agency, Maximum Effort and his software platform, MNTN. At the end of the day, though, his acting “sabbatical” is about the daughters he shares with Blake Lively. “The biggest thing for me … is that I don’t want to miss this time with my kids,” Ryan said of James, 6, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2. “When I’m shooting a film, I’m oftentimes in Europe, I’m away, there are incredibly long hours, it’s a ton of constant, kind of requirement to be there the whole time — not just because I’m performing but I’m also generally producing and writing on my movies as well,” he explained, adding that now is “the perfect time” to switch things up. “For many years when my wife Blake would shoot a film, I would not shoot a film and I would be with the kids and vice versa. … We never really worked at the same time. But always we were away. So the kids were away too,” Ryan said. “Now that they’re in school, they have a somewhat normal schedule. I think it’s totally important for their development and I really enjoy being a present dad. I love taking them to school in the morning, I love picking them up. I love that I have the hours in between to focus on the things that I’m really passionate about like MNTN and Maximum Effort,” he added. “It is a juggling act.”

Princess Charlene’s father shares update on her recovery amid treatment for ‘exhaustion’

Princess Charlene of Monaco’s background as an Olympic swimmer makes her father confident she can overcome her recent physical and mental health setbacks. “Based on the way she used to train, I know she’s tough and will get through this and come out much stronger,” Michael Wittstock told YOU magazine in an interview published last week. The princess, 45, spent much of the year away from Monaco in her native South Africa while enduring multiple surgeries related to “complications from a prior medical procedure,” according to People. During that time, COVID-19 concerns prevented Michael from visiting his daughter, he told YOU. “We spoke regularly on the phone, and I speak with the twins. We have a great relationship,” he explained. In early November, Charlene returned home briefly to her husband, Prince Albert, and their twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. But within a few days, she and her family reportedly decided she still needed more help. By Nov. 19, she’d relocated once more. Albert, 63, told People at the time that Charlene was seeking treatment for “exhaustion, both emotional and physical.” The couple’s twins, who were recently photographed holding signs for their mom that said they love and miss her — turn 7 on Dec. 10.

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