Lil Nas X Is \u2018Getting In Shape\u2019 Before His \u2018Baby Montero\u2019 Comes Later This Month

He’s been a music superstar for a couple years at this point, but Lil Nas X is just now gearing up to release his debut album, his “baby,” titled Montero. And ahead of releasing the album, his metaphorical baby, he’s been doing promotion with, well, a literal pregnant belly. And with a momentous occasion just around the corner—Montero is dropping on September 17—it makes sense that Lil Nas would want to be in tip-top shape, hence his latest TikTok post.

In a video accompanied by a snippet of his song “That’s What I Want,” Lil Nas goes through a ringer of exercises (pregnant belly, which we can safely assume is a fairly convincing prosthetic, included) following an early video caption that reads “getting in shape before baby montero arrives in 10 days.”

In the video, Lil Nas runs on a treadmill (while holding his belly), jumps on a little trampoline (while holding his belly), and does some dumbell curls (with the camera held at an angle with his belly firmly in focus).

Lil Nas has been all in on the ‘giving birth’ and ‘baby’ theme of his album (which is named for his birth name, Montero Lamar Hill). While he’s always active on social media, just yesterday he revealed a ‘Baby Registry,’ which was actually a list of charities and organizations that he was recommending people donate to.

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