Kourtney Kardashian Is Putting Travis Barker on Sex Ban in Attempt to Have a Baby

The Poosh founder also reveals in an interview with WSJ. Magazine why she and the Blink-182 drummer are taking a step back from their in vitro fertilization process.

AceShowbizKourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are notorious for their intense PDA session, but may have to hold back a little in showing their affection to each other. The reality TV star has revealed she’s putting her husband on a sex ban amid their attempt to have a baby.

Kourtney discussed her baby-making struggles with her drummer husband in an interview with WSJ. Magazine released on Monday, September 12 to promote her new line of vitamins and supplements, Lemme. “The Kardashians” star and the Blink-182 member started an IVF journey prior to their wedding, but have “stopped” it for the time being.

“We started an IVF journey, but I stopped,” said the mother of three, whom she shares with her former longtime partner Scott Disick. As to why she and her husband are taking a step back from their in vitro fertilization process, the TV personality divulged, “It was a lot. I took a break to just focus on our wedding and getting married.”

Kourtney, however, is still hopeful that their goal to have another baby will be achieved with another method, an Ayurvedic Panchakarma cleanse, which she will do again this autumn. “You may have seen it on our show. It’s all these things you can’t do: No sex, no caffeine, no alcohol, no sugar. You’ve gotta eat this really clean, strict diet and you do it for five days,” she explained.

“It’s to reset your body,” the Poosh founder elaborated. “You do all of that-and it’s cleaning out [the toxins from] your tissues. And then you go into this spa and do treatments every day for four hours. Everything is very ritualistic and has a purpose, and it’s fascinating. I was doing it mostly for cleansing my body [in preparation to] hopefully have a baby.”

When asked if it’s hard for her to abstain, Kourtney responded, “Yeah, kind of. But the reward on the other side – when you can’t have something and then you have it, right?” She added, “It’s like I can’t wait for all the obvious things, but then I also like the simplest things like I can’t wait to have caffeine. It’s definitely about moderation and being kind to yourself…If I’m going to Cabo, I’m definitely drinking margaritas and having chips and guacamole. It’s all about the balance.”

Kourtney, who officially married Travis in Santa Barbara on May 15 followed by a lavish wedding in Italy a week later, also talked about their blended family. “We have family dinner once a week at home with a chef and then besides that I love to have one-on-one time with my kids,” she shared. “I try to either take them out to dinner or take them out to lunch. So, I probably go out four times a week. I love Travis and I love to go out to dinner, just us.”

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