Killer Mike Says Andre 3000 Is Working On New Solo Album

Earlier this week, Killer Mike suggested that Andre 3000 is working on a new solo album.

In an interview with “Sway in the Morning,” Killer Mike revealed the Outkast lyricist doesn’t only have more music on the way, but also a new album that might be coming soon.

When Sway told Mike that he heard rumblings of Andre making a new album, the rapper seemingly agreed.

“Yeah. I think we fly out in a couple weeks to go listen to it,” he told Sway.

“Wow, that’s amazing. Andre 3000 got an album coming,” Sway replied.
“He said he played him nine tracks of stuff he already had. That means Dre sitting on volumes of songs.”

However, later Killer Mike clarified his statement regarding a new Andre 3000 album. According to HipHop-N-More, Mike continued his promo run for Michael by visiting Audacy‘s V-103.

He reportedly said, “I was stoned out of my mind playing, teasing with y’all. Y’all done took the joke too seriously. But you know, [Andre 3000’s] always making music. He’s never not making music. So I got a chance to hear a lot of cool stuff… If you want to hear Dre though, I know where you can. It’s this album called ‘Michael’ that’s out right now. There is Dre, Future, and Killer Mike…”

(Photo: Sven Mandel)

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