Jovi Dufren to 90 Day Fiance Fans: THIS is Why I Didn’t Believe Yara Was Pregnant!

Yara Zaya already had to go through the anxiety-inducing experience of taking a pregnancy without Jovi Dufren.

When Jovi returned home from work, Yara told him the news.

And Jovi … did not believe her. She had to spend the entire episode convincing him.

But in a new interview, Jovi and Yara are explaining why Episode 9 was as awkward as it was.

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya spoke to Us Weekly about their tension, and Jovi’s shocking disbelief.

“She took the pregnancy test,” Jovi describes.

“She sent it to me while I was at work,” he reveals, appearing to note that more may have happened than we saw.

Jovi recalls Yara telling him: “She was like, ‘I think I’m pregnant again, here’s the test.’”

Remember, part of what drew them together was an accidental pregnancy … followed by a traumatic miscarriage.

Jovi expresses how he felt: “I’m just like, ‘S–t, I wasn’t expecting this. It’s out of the blue.’”

“So, I thought, ’Is she tricking me again? Is she really pregnant? What’s going on?’” Jovi explains.

Jovi explained on the show that Yara is something of a prankster and has convinced him of things before later revealing that they are untrue.

Yara, of course, said that Jovi exaggerates and that she allows him to believe her pranks for no more than “ten minutes” at the most.

“I was feeling so much [when taking the pregnancy test],” Yara explained in her interview.

Of course she was.

This wasn’t just an unplanned pregnancy discovered while alone in an unfamiliar city — this would also be her rainbow baby.

“I was scared because I just talk about myself as a woman who had a miscarriage,” Yara detailed.

“To be able to have a baby again,” she expressed, “it’s just so crazy.”

On some level, she had resigned herself to the idea that pregnancy might not come easily to her — if at all.

Yara says that she felt this way “especially because when I had the miscarriage, my doctor was telling me that I will never have kids maybe.”

The doctor did not declare that she was certainly infertile, but warned her that “there is a big possibility.”

“So, to go and buy a test and check, it’s a big deal for me,” Yara expressed.

“I had so much of an overwhelming feeling like, ‘OK, maybe we have a chance to get pregnant again, that’s great. But is it the best timing? Maybe not right now,’” Jovi chimed in.

Those are very valid feelings to have.

“So there was just a million things going through my mind,” he recalled, “being at work and everything’s out of my control. … I was shocked.”

“I was so happy inside because, first of all, I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, I can have a baby, and I love this person so much,’” Yara gushed.

“When I was choosing a man, I was looking how men look and Jovi, from my thinking, is so handsome,” she raved.

“I want to have a baby with somebody like Jovi,” Yara said affectionately, “so my baby is beautiful.”

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