John Fogerty Shares Politically-Charged New Song ‘Weeping In The Promised Land’

John Fogerty has released politically-charged protest song “Weeping in the Promised Land.”

The mournful, gospel-tinged song reacts to the current state of events in the United States, including the coronavirus pandemic, Black Lives Matter, police brutality and the outgoing Trump administration.

“Out in the street, on your neck with a knee. All the people are crying your last words / ‘I can’t breathe.'” Fogerty sings, referring to George Floyd‘s death after a cop brutally choked him under the knee.

The Creedence Clearwater Revival founder had issued a cease-and-desist order this fall over the playing of his hit song “Fortunate Son” during President Donald Trump‘s campaign rallies.

Fogerty compared Trump’s refusal to step down to “a rock star in a band and then the band breaks up.”

“Weeping in the Promised Land” is the 75-year-old rock musician’s first original song since 2018’s “The Holy Grail.”

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