Janelle Brown to Kody: Stay Far Away from Me!

As we’ve been documenting for weeks now, not a single member of the Sister Wives seems to be satisfied in her marriage right now.

They aren’t really hiding it, either.

On each new episode this season, either Janelle, Christine, Meri or Robyn is complaining — either about Kody directly or this unusual marital arrangement overall.

Not that we can blame them.

This Sunday, meanwhile, Janelle will take it to a new extreme.

Courtesy of a clip released by People Magazine, she will demand that Kody not go anywhere near her.

Although, to be fair, she’ll do this for everyone’s safety.

Not because she’s sick and tired of being in her husband’s proximity.

“So I’ve been watching the news and they’re starting to talk about everybody staying home, but I have Garrison, who works with construction crews and stuff here in town,” says Janelle in the sneak peek.

“I’ve got Gabriel, who is being careful associating with his friends, but I can’t guarantee what that looks like yet.”

In case you haven’t figured it out, this episode was filmed in the spring of 2020, back when COVID-19 was first spreading around the United States.

Pretty weird to go back in time and to see how people were reacting to the stunning news at the time, isn’t it?

Continues Meri, who shares six kids with Kody, in the clip:

“Instead of sitting here and waiting to be told or having something horrible happen that makes a decision, I’m just going to make the decision.

“I want Kody to stay away from my home until we can figure out how bad this is going to get.”

Before the pandemic hit, Kody was visiting Janelle and his other three spouses in their individual Flagstaff homes.

However, the onset of this virrus presented a new challenge for the family, which was already struggling with a sense of separation and which has never been especially close.

On Sunday’s upcoming episode, Janelle says her “household presents a risk,” which is why she simplyl tells Kody not to come over.

“This is nobody’s fault, it’s just circumstance,” she explains to Kody, growing emotional.

“And I’m trying to be really brave and really smart and really logical, because I don’t know what that’s like to not see you for that long.”

Because Kody sucks, of course, he manages to turn all of this around on Janelle.

“Sometimes I just don’t quite understand everything going on in this family. I don’t know why she’s just calling me and telling me just like, ‘Hey, this is the way it’s going to be,'” he tells cameras, adding:

“I wish you could have had a camera on me.

‘That’s a statement of pressure.

“Like, ‘You’ve got to make up for this somehow.’ What? You’re making these choices and you’re telling the kids to continue with what’s normal in their lives and I’m supposed to pay for that?”

Janelle is the one making a sacrifice here, however, which is what she wants Kody to comprehend.

“I just have to get a dig in saying, ‘Look, I am making a big sacrifice here, man. You owe me,'” she says in a confessional.

“I’m implying he owes me some sort of tropical vacation or whatever, because I feel like, okay, it’s a little bit childish. But I feel like I’m making such a big sacrifice, which I’m choosing to do…

“I guess I sort of like, ‘Give me some acknowledgement here, that I’m making this really hard sacrifice and that you understand it.”

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