Ice Spice Clueless About Navigating Fame: ‘There’s No Book on How to Do It’

Being featured in the June 2023 cover story of Teen Vogue, the ‘Munch (Feelin’ U)’ raptress also spills that she has ‘some really cool things planned’ for the near future.

AceShowbizIce Spice was clueless when it came to navigating her own fame. Being featured in the cover story of Teen Vogue’s June 2023 issue, the “Munch (Feelin’ U)” hitmaker weighed in on her “rapid ascent to stardom” and explained why she was not fully prepared for it.

In the article published on Tuesday, June 13, the raptress, whose real name is Isis Naija Gaston, first pointed out, “I don’t think anybody is ever fully prepared for fame.” She went on to explain, “There’s no book on how to do it. I feel like everybody could just learn as they go, like most people do in their careers.”

“A lot of people be trying to compare me to people that’s way older than me or people that been in this s**t way longer than me,” the 23-year-old continued. As for her identity as a star, she said, “I feel like I know who I am. I’m really that b***h, and I tell myself that all the time because I learned that I have to.…”

“I got to know who I am because everybody else gon’ try to tell me who I am,” the “Princess Diana” spitter further elaborated. “So I got to know first. But I’m mentally preparing as I go like, okay, soon things are going to get crazier. I’m excited.”

In the cover story, Ice also opened up about her plans in the future. “I feel like evil eye exists, so I don’t really want to say what I’m going to do until it’s done,” she spilled. “I have some really cool things planned. This is probably the most exciting year I’ve ever lived.”

“I do want to evolve as a person and an artist,” she continued. “But I’m just trying to live in now and not focus so hard on 10 years from now, because I’m going to have to focus on that 10 years from now anyway. I’d rather just have fun and be lit.”

On what she would be doing in the near future, Ice added, “I’m putting more work in, more hours…. practicing, rehearsals, recording, working on my craft.”

Elsewhere in her feature, Ice also talked about the downside of her fame. “My social security number got leaked. It’s locked now. It sucks for everybody, because when I want to use it now, I gotta go and ask mad different people,” she confessed.

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