Henry Cavill is still with Natalie Viscuso, they did a charity run together


Henry Cavill got burned with his brief fling with Kaley Cuoco, then his on-and-off thing with Gina Carano (who we now know is a whackjob) and then his romance with a college student. I’ll say this about Henry: I appreciate the fact that he likes normal women. His girlfriends are pretty and I’m not saying this to be shady, but he definitely goes for girls-next-door as opposed to “supermodels” or “airbrushed Instagram influencers.” For more than a year, he’s been with Natalie Viscuso, who is some kind of entertainment executive. As soon as he became IG-Official with Natalie, his fans went overboard, pouring through her life and her digital footprint. Henry told his fans to f–king chill out. He’s also made more of an effort (I think) to be a bit more private.

These days, he doesn’t post a lot of personal stuff on Instagram, and it’s been months and months since he’s posted a photo of Natalie on his IG. Then, this weekend, he posted a selfie with Natalie as they half-way completed a charity race. The 13K race is called the Durrell Challenge, and it benefits “wildlife protection efforts for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust & Jersey Zoo.” His caption:

Our Durrell Challenge is officially complete! We decided to walk it today, mostly because I’ve had the nine shades of hell beaten out of me through two weeks of fight scenes, and ma body wasn’t ready for a 13km run! I also suspect that Natalie may have broken her foot a little while ago, so I’m utilising her injury as a convenient excuse for me!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your Durrell Challenge experiences so far!

[From Henry’s IG]

Thirteen kilometers is roughly eight miles. I could do that. Well, I could WALK that. I couldn’t run that because I don’t f–king run. But if you gave me a good pair of sneakers, I could definitely walk that. But he says it’s a run… so I would be like Natalie, pretending to break something to get out of it. ‘Atta girl. Anyway, a rare sighting of Henry’s girlfriend. I’m surprised they’re still together, I guess.

Photos courtesy of Henry’s Instagram.

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