Elliot Page's First Shirtless Photo Since Coming Out as Trans

Elliot Page looks like he’s digging his new look — he just shared a shirtless pic that makes it clear … he ain’t skipping abs day in the gym!!! first shirtless photo since having surgery to remove his breasts … and he looks jacked.

The “Juno” star — who recently came out as a transgender man — is showing off a 6-pack by a pool in his first shirtless shot since having surgery to remove his breasts.

… and he’s rocking a huge smile.

Elliot’s rocking a huge smile, and he’s got good reason — besides the abs, of course — he’s said how happy he is to finally be living his truth. Elliot added a couple hashtags to that point … #transjoy and #transisbeautiful.

As you know … Elliot revealed in March he underwent a procedure to remove breast tissue and reconstruct the remaining chest tissue and skin. He says he was actually recovering from the surgery in Canada in December when he first came out on Instagram.

Looks like he’s been working out hard too, and he’s got results to prove it.

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