Eamonn Holmes shares Ruth Langsford’s strict rule for him after disagreeing on ‘tradition’

Eamonn Holmes discusses his proudest moments in life

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Both Eamonn Holmes and his wife Ruth Langsford are passionate about decorating their home to boost the festive atmosphere when the time of year for tinsel approaches. However, “traditional” Ruth has firmly confined her husband’s handiwork to a single room of the house.

Eamonn has regressed into childhood

Ruth Langsford

“Ruth has now granted me, in my own home, a room that I can decorate,” joked Eamonn.

“Last year, I bought these lights that you programme from your phone and you can have them strobing, flashing, whatever colour you want, whatever sequence you want.”

This comes in stark contrast to Ruth’s own approach.

“I’m quite traditional,” she confessed.

“I like the whole red, gold and green theme, and I have favourite decorations, things that we’ve had for years that you get out every year and it just says ‘Christmas’,” she added in an interview with Woman and Home magazine.

The This Morning duo have been married for 11 years.

Unfortunately for Ruth, she has discovered that her husband’s more zany decor is becoming an ever-increasing habit.

“Eamonn has regressed into childhood,” she asserted.

“The older he gets, the more he goes back into his childhood at Christmas!”

Last year, a grand total of three Christmas trees had already been installed in their home by November.

“Feeling in the Christmas mood now!” Ruth had gushed on Instagram after decking out one in red and gold, complete with holly berries and pine cones.

However, this year’s celebrations are more of a mystery, having so far been kept firmly under wraps.


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Sadly, the pair are also facing a dilemma caused by Ruth’s need to be with her 93-year-old mother, while Eamonn wants to reunite with family in Northern Ireland.

“We’ve got a sea dividing us,” Eamonn lamented.

“We have a dilemma… whether I go to Belfast or whether Ruth comes with me,” he explained, adding: “Ruth wants to be with her mum.

“It’s easier for us often to be apart.”

Ruth concurred: “Being apart for Christmas has never been a problem.

“I wouldn’t be going to Belfast this year because I need to be with my mum.

“It’s about family for me.”

Meanwhile, as Eamonn now has his own room where he can unleash his creative urges, there are unlikely to be too many clashes over Christmas decor.

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