Draymond Green Calls Out NBA Over Robert Sarver Suspension , 'It's Bulls***!!!'

LeBron James and Chris Paul aren’t the only ones pissed off over Robert Sarver‘s suspension and fine — you can add Draymond Green to the list, ’cause the NBA star called the punishment straight up “bulls**t!”

The Golden State Warrior forward went off on his podcast on Tuesday — a week after the Phoenix Suns/Mercury owner was suspended for a year and fined $10 million for sexual harassment, use of the N-word, and inappropriate physical conduct toward male employees, among other alleged troubling behavior.

“This report that came out last week is the total opposite of everything the NBA stands for,” Green said.

“To think that someone like Robert Sarver, acting in that manner, can continue to represent us, that’s bulls**t!”

Green also ripped the notion Sarver’s use of the N-word wasn’t so bad because he didn’t use it with racist or malicious intent.

“Stop it. That’s ridiculous,” Green emphatically said.

“The level of comfort you have to have to even use the word again does not validate or make it okay for Robert Sarver to use the N-word.”

Green added, “This guy gets to just come back in the fold as if he’s still representing us as if he’s a part of us. That can’t be so.”

The 32-year-old says he’s “very uncomfortable” knowing an owner like Sarver won’t have to sell the team … saying if the shoe were on the other foot, players would be “left out on our own to figure it out.”

So, the four-time NBA champ came up with an idea … vote Sarver out.

“What I would say is ‘why don’t we pose a vote?’ Because that is definitely an offense that is probably grounds for being forced to sell.”

Other NBA stars have spoken about the league fumbling the Sarver situation … including LeBron, who said team owner or not, “this isn’t right.”

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