Carol Vorderman forced to put ‘latex’ outfit back in wardrobe as ‘tragedy’ derails plans

Carol Vorderman admits she's been 'out of sorts'

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Carol Vorderman, 60, has taken to Instagram to share that her plans to see the band Steps have been cancelled. The musicians announced some sad news on their own social media page, which the Countdown legend shared.

Latex goes back in the wardrobe for another day

Carol Vorderman

Steps were due to perform live in Cardiff, but cancelled due to rise in Covid-19 cases. 

The band posted this news to their Instagram account, and Carol shared it to her story, with a caption of her own. 

They said: “Hi everyone, unfortunately we now have further positive Covid-19 cases in our touring party which have made continuing with the ‘What The Future Holds’ tour impossible.”

The band added that “for the safety of everyone” they were going to reschedule that one and tonight’s Bournemouth show to summer 2022. 

Some fans were highly encouraging of the band’s decision. 

Jbtiger1992 said: “Never apologise for wanting to keep yourselves and Steps fans safe during this difficult time.”

The band added: “We appreciate your continued support and hope you will join us in wishing those affected a speedy recovery.”

Carol then shared the post and expressed her own disappointment. 

The presenter spoke about how she had plans to dress up but these were foiled by the postponement. 

She said: “A big gang of us were off to see @officialsteps tonight but sadly Covid won and the show has been postponed… 

“We will miss you H… Latex goes back in the wardrobe for another day @ianhwatkins…

“It’s a TRAGEDY.”

The former Countdown co-host attached the song Tragedy by Steps to the story. 

She also posted the news to her main Instagram page where fans could comment. 

She included a picture of herself watching Netflix’s Narcos Mexico. 

She said in the caption: “Chilling with Narcos Mexico @netflixuk… we were all meant to be off to see @officialsteps tonight at @motorpointarenacardiff Cardiff but sadly due to covid cases they’ve had to cancel.

“I know @ianhwatkins is absolutely gutted as it was his home town show.

“Hopefully you’ll be back soon and we can all get our sequins @owainwynevans and latex @natsus1 out for another time.

“It’s a TRAGEDY… see what I did there!!! Groan…”

Not all fans shared Carol’s enthusiasm for Steps, though. 

Jasonphilips619 quipped: “I’d rather watch Narcos Mexico if I’m honest.”

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