Britney Spears' Pregnancy Scare Was 3 DAYS Before Sam Asghari Listed Their Separation Date!

Well, that’s certainly some portentous timing…

Britney Spears‘ divorce is all too real, and happening fast. Sam Asghari filed Wednesday afternoon, just hours after the news of their split hit the internet. TMZ reported he listed the cause as the old “irreconcilable differences,” but it’s the date that might give more insight. See, he listed their date of separation as July 28, 2023.

What’s special about that? Nothing really, except… If you look at what was going on with the couple at that time on social media, it does get pretty intriguing. See, that was just THREE DAYS after Britney posted about a pregnancy false alarm!

She wrote on her Instagram on July 25 that after several days of fun and sun in Mexico she woke up thinking she was pregnant:

“I will be honest I woke up this morning and thought I was pregnant because I’m so nauseous but I think it’s the sun.”

It probably was just dehydration, but even a false alarm can be a stressful! Especially if, say, for instance, the guy has decided he doesn’t want kids…

That same week, the day after her post in fact, a source told Us Weekly the couple were actually at odds on having a baby. The insider was quoted as saying at the time:

“Britney really ​​wants kids in the near future, but Sam isn’t so sure.”

They said the 29-year-old actor felt like his life was “very full right now” and wasn’t “in a rush” to start a family after all. Considering we’d heard Brit talking about having another baby for a couple years at that point, what a telling statement!

Either this baby disagreement was a real point of conflict for the two, or Sam had already decided he was done with her — and just didn’t want a family with her. So he definitely wouldn’t have been happy with Britney getting pregnant. We’ve heard the pair hit a rough patch that’s been going on for months. And the final blowout fight supposedly involved cheating allegations. But according to Sam it happened RIGHT AT THIS TIME.

Could this false alarm have been the match that lit the fuse? The inciting incident that turned their fights into marriage-enders?

One more factor to consider here? The couple got pregnant once before, early in 2022. And it ended in heartache, as Britney sadly suffered a miscarriage. So maybe after that Sam decided he didn’t want to try again? It wouldn’t be the first time such a tragedy broke an otherwise happy couple.

What do YOU think about the timing? Just a coincidence? Or did the big fight come right after the pregnancy scare — because of the stress of such an event on a couple who were NOT on the same page about starting a family?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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