Britney Spears Has Bandage on Arm, Cut on Leg After Posting Dancing Knife Video

Britney Spears may have cut herself when playing with knives … now sporting a bandage and what appears to be a gash on her thigh and lower back.

Britney just posted the video, wearing the same outfit she was in when she spun around, jabbed and clanged together two butcher knives … only this time she’s got the new apparent injuries.

Britney doesn’t explain why she’s got the white bandage or what caused the cut on her upper thigh or lower back, but they’re all new injuries since her first knife video Monday night.

As we told you … Britney’s got a fascination with knives. In fact, when she was taken off her conservatorship there were recommendations given in order to make sure she was safe. One of the most important recommendations was to keep knives away from Britney.

Our sources say she keeps the sharp tools throughout her house — including inside her bedroom — as a form of protection out of fear she’ll be re-institutionalized.

Of course, Britney claimed the knives in Monday’s video were fake, but only after she got a ton of heat for posting the video online. They also sounded VERY real when she clanged them together.

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