Bella Hadid Dishes on How to Keep Healthy Despite Struggle to ‘Eat Clean’

Bella admits her hectic schedule has made it hard for her to ‘eat clean’ so she tries to stay hydrated and fully rested on daily basis to fend off illness and look her best.

AceShowbizBella Hadid keeps healthy by drinking lots of water and getting her full quota of sleep. The 26-year-old model has to always look her best for her modelling work and although she has access to the best beauty products money can buy she will always radiate beauty if she is hydrated and fully rested.

“I try to drink as much water, and get as much sleep, as I can. We’re on the go so much that it’s hard to eat clean, but I always feel better when I do. I also always make sure I have a Kin [a non-alcoholic beverage] in my hand to keep me feeling balanced and help stabilise my mood, calm my stress and give me that burst of energy I need,” she told Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

Bella – whose older sister Gigi Hadid is also a model – says personal wellbeing is also important when it comes to looking your best, as happiness in your life shines though. She added, “Beauty comes from within, so whenever I feel good on the inside, I think I look good on the outside, too.”

Although fashion is her job, when Bella wants to have fun with her look she loves to experiment with nail-art, which she thinks is one of the most creative beauty trends. She said, “I love seeing people’s creativity through nail-art. It is such a fun form of self-expression. Because of work, I am usually not able to keep one colour for more than a day. But as of now, and when I am off work, I let my nails breathe and go polish-free.”

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