The Makeup Trend That Nearly 30% Of Women Hope Ends In 2021

Despite the fact that we were wearing masks for the majority of 2020, people still managed to get creative when it came to makeup. Many trends carried over from previous years, new ones emerged, and of course, some overstayed their welcome. It’s no secret that the focus this past year has been on the eyes, as this is the main part of our face not being covered by a mask. This prompted makeup artists and beauty newbies alike to experiment with bold eyeshadow, intense brows, and graphic eyeliner (via Byrdie). 

While 2020 was all about the eyes, there remains a variety of makeup trends that people wish would simply die out already. In a poll of 574 women across the country, we at The List learned which makeup trend was the most hated. Nearly 30 percent of participants agreed that one look in particular should be put to rest in 2021 — but what could it be?

Read on to discover which was voted as the most despised makeup trend.

The most hated trend might surprise you

Though full, juicy lips are arguably more popular than ever, overlining them was ranked as the most hated makeup trend. Out of the 574 women polled, 166 (or 28.92 percent) said they hoped this trend would die in 2021. In the last few years, lip injections have surged in popularity, as women such as Kylie Jenner have made the look ultra-trendy. But for those not comfortable going under the knife, creating the illusion of full lips with lip liner and lipstick serves as an easy, affordable hack. 

However, it’s not just everyday people who are tired of this trend — beauty professionals are, too. Eddie Funkhouser, co-founder and executive creative director of Eddie Funkhouser Cosmetics, told Insider that he thinks overlining has gone way too far. “I get it, we all want fuller, more luscious looking lips,” he said. “But overlining the lips has gone from a subtle trick for boosting the fullness of your pout to pretty much drawing on an entirely new mouth.”

Wondering what other trends women are tired of? Following behind overlining lips, 21.95 percent voted to retire over-the-top lashes, 16.55 percent voted want to ban mismatched eyeshadow, and, tied at 8.01 percent, multi-colored eye makeup and glossy eyeshadow are next in line for most-hated trends.

Despite how apparently despised overlined lips are, it’s hard to imagine that the trend will be going anywhere soon. But surely, a new, even more hated trend will swoop in to take its place. 

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