I Tried 107 Beauty's Aged-Vinegar Bestsellers, and They Restored My Moisture Barrier

I Tried 107 Beauty’s Aged-Vinegar Bestsellers, and They Restored My Moisture Barrier

My skin-care routine has a good mix of chemical exfoliants, retinol, and a whole bunch of actives. Lo and behold my skin freaked out — it was too much at once. My skin was rough, irritated, and breaking out. I wrecked my moisture barrier, and I needed something nourishing and hydrating to calm and repair my skin. Probiotics are known to keep the skin balanced and heal the skin from excess damage. After discovering the healing benefits of probiotics in skin care, I found 107 Beauty and decided my skin needed a break from harsh actives.

107 Beauty is a Korean skin-care brand that uses aged vinegar to balance and nourish your skin. The vinegar used by 107 Beauty has been aged and fermented for up to 30 years. This creates a rich microbiome that will neutralize irritation and create the optimal environment of good bacteria for your skin. This, in turn, lets other ingredients work at their optimal levels as well. A balanced environment can truly make or break your skin-care routine. It’s a skin-care line that merges the science of modern skin care with the tradition of Asian medicine. I tried their bestsellers, and my skin is finally thanking me for nourishing it with this superfood.

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