Amazon Shoppers Say This $18 Hair Dryer Is Better than $100 Versions

These days, the idea of needing to spend tons of money to get a quality product couldn’t be farther from the truth. Thanks to Amazon’s frequent discounts on A-listers’ favorite products, it’s never been more obvious that, sometimes, endless good hair days are a mere sale away. Still, the thought of getting a fantastic hair tool for less than $20 is a little mystifying — but according to over 16,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, one $18 blow dryer might just rule them all.   

Yep, we’ll say it again: $18, less than two tickets to the movies (remember movies?). It might not be plated in rose gold, but Amazon shoppers rave that Remington’s drugstore-priced D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer might as well be magic. Drugstore anything and magical results aren’t your average pairing, but the D3190’s gleaming purple engine and two nozzle attachments pull it off. 

Buy It! Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer with Ceramic + Ionic + Tourmaline Technology, $17.84;

“It's hard to believe a hair dryer could make a big difference, but this one absolutely DOES,” one shopper with a trifecta of kinky, fine, and thin hair writes. Another says that after spending hours researching the best dryer for her slow-drying hair, the Remington has “cut down my drying time drastically,” the “incredible” air-flow and diffuser leaving her curls smooth, soft, shiny and healthy-looking. 

They’re not the only ones who’ve seen their hair turn to silk after use — two dozen people say their hair was left preternaturally smooth and frizz-free (even those with normally unruly waves), and over a dozen people agree their hair’s shine from the dryer is unprecedented. One shopper even bought two other dryers to compare, one $40, the other $100. Unsurprisingly from what we’ve seen, the Remington was “by far [the] favorite.” 

It’s a guilt-free buy in more ways than one, since reviewers write that the Remington is quiet even on the highest setting. Meaning no waking up housemates while doing your hair in the early morning — and no incurring passive-aggressive wrath by taking 20 minutes in the bathroom. One reviewer writes that where their past-shoulder-length hair usually takes 10 minutes to dry, the Remington gets it dry in just three minutes. They’re no anomaly; another person writes that their typical 15-minute dry-time was cut to five with the dryer, the ultimate life-saver when they’re rushing before work.      

If you’re like us and shopped so many holiday sales that a fort of packages accumulated around your front door, the affordable dryer is a saving grace to carry us into the new year — hours of wet hair not invited. 

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