You could get paid £435 a day at Heathrow Airport – as they’re so desperate for staff at Christmas

HEATHROW Airport is offering to pay you as much as £435 a day this Christmas – as they are so desperate for staff.

The busy airport is looking for people to be a "Snow Clearance Specialist" to prevent flights from being delayed or cancelled if there is heavy weather.

The role, revealed by job website Adzuna, shared some of the most flashy jobs for people wanting some extra cash during the holiday season.

They wrote: "The most lucrative winter position is for Snow Clearance Specialists, tasked with keeping aircraft stands and walkways safe at airports to keep them operating during inclement weather.

"Roles pay up to £435 per day at locations including Heathrow Airport."

Anyone who fancies the job is likely to find themselves clearing the airport runways and walkways during snowy weather.

Sun Online Travel spoke to Andrew Ward, a meteorologist for the Met Office who works at Heathrow to explain why planes struggle to land in the snow.

Andrew said: “The way that the UK suffers when it snows is due to the type of snow we get.

“There are two different types of snow – dry and wet. Canada has dry snow, which doesn’t linger and it can be blown away easily."

Andrew continued: “But we have wet snow in the UK, with a lot more moisture in it and that’s what causes disruptions.

“Wet snow is more of a problem as it turns to slush and ice, which is more difficult to clear than dry snow that can be easily blown or swept away.

“It makes it harder to keep the airport running smooth as there are additional hazards of ice, and aircraft need de-icing.”

And despite it feeling like it happens a lot, he said the UK doesn't have many snow events, and they are more of a surprise when they do happen.

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