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A WOMAN has revealed her trick for getting a good night's sleep on a plane but people are divided.

Plenty of people have a tough time getting to sleep on a flight.

But TikTok user Sofaloaf explained her nifty trick to getting some beauty sleep.

In a recent video, she said: "Guys, I have a plane hack. If you're going on an overnight plane, just grab a hoodie and wear a hat."

She then put the hoodie on back to front and pulled the green hood over her brown cap in a bid to block out any light on the plane.

A caption over the video read: "Overnight airplane hack for the most comfy sleep."

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The video has had more than 30,000 views, with many people left feeling impressed by the sleep hack.

One person wrote: "I'm using this."

While another added: "And yep, great hack."

However one person was quick to point out that she could've easily used an eye mask, and someone else noted that the hood could be a suffocation risk.

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But this isn't the only person who has shared their tips that guarantee a good night of sleep on a plane.

TikTok user Kristen, who often shares her own life hacks and tricks, explained the item she now uses to get some shut-eye during a flight.

She told her 315k followers: "I came up with one of the best ideas of my life.

"I have purchased five different travel neck pillows and they all suck. I wished something would hold my neck in place, something like a neck brace.

"And I had an epiphany – why not just buy a neck brace?"

She then explained that she "doesn't care" how she looks if travelling on long flights, adding if you buy it in black and cover it with a scarf, people won't even be able to tell.

Flight attendants have also revealed how to get the best night's sleep on a plane – but it isn't easy.

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