Unvaxxed Brits banned from hotels as resorts in Europe enforce proof of vaccination

HOTELS across Europe and Mexico are demanding tourists are vaccinated to be allowed to stay.

Most holiday destinations, including France and Malta, are only allowing Brits into the country if they have been double-jabbed.

Other destinations such as Spain, Portugal and Greece are also allowing negative Covid tests if holidaymakers are not yet fully vaxxed.

However, some resorts are now requiring further evidence from holidaymakers when checking in.

Hotels across Portugal are asking guests to show proof of vaccination, or if not fully jabbed, a negative test or proof of antibodies, while the same is also being enforced at Airbnbs.

Anyone caught breaking the rules face fines up to €500, although kids under 12 with an adult are exempt.

This is also the same in Austria, who are using their rule of 3G rule – “Getestet, Geimpft, Genesen” (Tested, Vaccinated, Recovered).

Brits will need the Austrian "green pass" as evidence of vaccination.

Across Mexico, resort guests are being asked for the same thing at popular holiday destinations including Cancun, Tulum and Playa del Carmen.

Families will have to check whether the NHS app is accepted, as the EU digital Covid certificate is being rolled out across Europe.

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While most destinations are requiring Brits to be vaccinated to visit anyway, Covid tests are yet to be made affordable for holidaymakers.

The travel industry is calling for the government to reduce the price of the tests, many of which can cost hundreds of pounds.

With Brits needing a minimum of two tests to return to the country, travellers are having to pay on average £121 each for the kits.

Despite the government listing costs as low as £23.99, these often come with caveats, and standard holidaymakers are instead seeing prices up to £160 instead.

Brits could have more destinations on the green list next week with Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab confirming more are likely to be added during the travel review.

Fully vaccinated Brits can also head to most of Europe, with the new rules allowing families to skip the 10-day quarantine when returning to the UK.

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