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THERE are three every day items that cause the most problems for passengers at airport security – and it can even lead to other people hating you.

Most passengers just want to get through the airport as quickly as possible – but can make simple mistakes at security that hold them, and everyone else, up.

There are ways that people can be better prepared when they arrive at the security gates, preventing unnecessary delays.

One of those is to put smaller items inside hand luggage before it all goes through the scanners.

USA today claim that smaller items, including keys, phones and boarding passes, are particularly problematic, if they're not kept somewhere safe.

There have even been instances of these items getting stuck in the conveyor belts, which means the belts need to be halted.

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This obviously causes big delays for everyone waiting in the queue, preventing them from getting to their departure lounge in time.

USA Today wrote: "Keep your keys, phone, boarding passes — and anything else that might fall between the conveyor belt rollers — in your bag, a bowl, or a bin.

"These items can be difficult to retrieve if they fall between the cracks, the belt will need to be stopped, and you’ll get lots of glares from other travellers trying to get to their gates."

There are other silly mistakes that people make their journey through the airport more problematic than it needs to be.

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One of those is not using their proper names on their boarding passes.

Some passengers think they can use their nickname, or shortened versions of their full name that they would ordinarily go by in their day-to-day life.

However, if the name on a boarding pass doesn't match the one on the passport, it is likely to cause a hold up.

USA Today continued: "Make sure the name on your boarding pass matches your ID. If it doesn’t, you’re wasting valuable time trying to explain that you are who you say you are. Leave the nicknames for your besties."

It's not the only way a person's name could stop them from getting through the airport quicker than they'd like either.

Passengers whose name is shared by someone on the no-fly list could also be picked for extra screening once they arrive at the airport.

This is because of a pre-screening system called Secure Flight, which starts looking for signs that passengers could be troublemakers before they've even arrived at the airport.

Meanwhile, these airport mistakes will cause you big problems at the security gates.

And here are the rules around taking your own food through airport security.

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