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ONE of the worst parts of a flight is undoubtedly having to deal with other passengers.

There are countless examples of people choosing their plane journeys as the moment they want to do something gross, in view of everyone else on the flight.

In recent years, the rise of social media has given people a platform to shame the worst offenders they have encountered in the sky.

Here are some of the most horrifying experiences from up in the air.

Clipping toe-nails

A mum sparked disgust online after she was caught trimming the toenails of her kid during a flight.

A picture shared of the woman showed her with her child on her lap, while she was seen clipping his nails in public.

Instead of waiting until they reached their destination, or going to the toilets on the plane, for some reason she chose to do it mid-flight in her seat.

Hair dangling

A long-haired passenger was shamed after draping her hair over a fellow traveller's tray table.

A picture was shared online of her “trashy” behaviour, with her long blonde hair hanging over the back of her seat.

To make matters worse, her hair was so long that it almost reached the tablet a man was watching.

Captioning the image on Reddit, the horrified passenger wrote: “My view for most of my three-hour flight.”

Dirty underwear in the aisle

A different passenger decided to leave their dirty underwear in the middle of the aisle after leaving the plane when it landed.

The pink pants, appeared to have been worn, and looked grubby and old.

How they ended up there remains a mystery, however, with the culprit also unknown.

Passenger pedicure

Videos of people getting their bare feet out on planes aren't uncommon, with most people agreeing that it's an awful thing to do.

However, this culprit took things further by filing the dried skin from their heel onto the floor of the aircraft.

The footage was shared online by Instagram account Passenger Shaming with the caption "Pro Travel Tip: The key word in 'personal grooming' is PERSONAL."

Straddling couples

Perhaps the pants belonged to member of a couple who were slammed for their raunchy behaviour, after a woman was caught straddling her partner during a flight.

The amorous pair decided to get cosy as they kissed while the female passenger had her legs around the man sitting in the window seat.

A picture caught the duo in the act, with the woman seen leaning over her partner while holding onto the back of his seat as he grips onto her hips on the busy flight.

Drying wet socks

Another unsociable passenger was shamed after they were caught drying their "sweaty socks" using the overhead air vents during a flight.

The traveller was spotted holding up the sock above their head while on the plane.

It isn't clear whether they were sweaty or wet – although the smell is unlikely to have been pleasant, either way.

Bare feet on passenger's armrest

A woman claimed she'll never be the same after a toe-curling encounter on a recent flight.

Savannah Simerley was travelling on board an American Airlines flight when a fellow passenger rested their bare feet on her arm rest.

The clenched feet, seen in the blue-lit darkness of the cabin, were described as "what nightmares are made of."

She shared a video of the encounter on TikTok under her profile @veeveela, captioned: "I will never be the same.”

It continued: “I thought the person kicking my chair was unsettling. But I had no idea what nightmares could be made of.”

Bag full of wee

One passenger left other travellers horrified after they tied a bag full of what looked like wee to the back of a plane seat.

The see-through plastic bag was filled with a bright yellow liquid, leaving little to the imagination.

It was then tied to the seat pocket nf a flight, with a rogue slipper also left behind with it.

Brushing teeth

A man was seen brushing his teeth in his seat during a flight.

Looking away from the camera as he is caught in the act, the passenger has a toothbrush in his mouth as he scrubs away at his teeth.

It isn't clear where or how he spat the toothpaste out afterwards, although many hoped it wasn't on the tray table and he went to the toilet instead.

Burst blood blister

Toothpaste is bad enough, but some passengers were splattered with blood after a woman's foot blister popped mid-flight.

Two men were reportedly left with blood on them, which also hit the walls and the window of the plane.

One passenger shared a picture of the book they had been enjoying at the time, coated with blood splatter.

Picking dead foot skin

Other plane passengers were left disgusted after a man was filmed picking skin off his feet during a flight.

The stomach-churning footage showed the passenger use his pinkie finger to scratch his heel – with bits of skin flaking off onto the ground.

The man, who appeared to be wearing a cap, seemed to think he was doing little wrong as he picked away.

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