The holiday hotspot that has banned McDonald’s

INDULGING in the local cuisine while you're on holiday is great – but Brits can't deny that they still love a McDonald's when they're abroad.

But Happy Meals are no longer on the cards for holidaymakers as a tourist destination has banned McDonald's.

Rome has banned the fast food chain from opening a new restaurant – after a lengthy battle through the courts.

The Rome city council granted permission for McDonald's to build a drive-thru restaurant next to the historic Baths of Caracalla site, and building work was started.

But in 2019, the council reversed the decision after public outcry at the proposition of the golden arches being so close to the bathhouse, which is a popular tourist attraction.

A two year court battle followed, and the McDonald's final appeal was denied this week.

The court ruled it was enforcing the ban to protect cultural heritage.

Despite the ban, Rome still has 54 McDonald's restaurants in the city.

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The Italian capital is not the first place to put a stop to the world domination of the fast food chain.

Iceland once had three McDonald's restaurants dating back to 1993.

However, high import costs following the 2008 financial crash led to its demise, with it becoming the most expensive Big Mac in the world.

All three McDonald's sites have since been converted to Icelandic burger chain Metro, with the last store closing in 2009.

Montenegro also said goodbye to it's McDonald's restaurant, which opened as a mobile store in 2003 and only lasted a few months.

The Vatican City is the only country in Europe to have never had a McDonald's – although there is one just 100m outside with views of the building.

Here is a full list of countries that don't have a McDonald's.

Meanwhile, a former McDonald's worker has revealed the secret way you can guarantee your food is fresh.

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