The holiday destinations you should avoid in 2024, according to experts – and two are very popular European hotspots | The Sun

BRITS will already be planning their next holiday, most likely to somewhere hot and sunny.

But travel experts have revealed the destinations that shouldn't be on your bucket list next year.

Reasons include overtourism as well as pollution from litter, fast fashion and cruise ships.

Fodor's Travel has revealed its No 2024 list, explaining: "The No List isn’t a hit piece. It’s not a round-up of spots we revile–but a declaration of places we revere.

"We love these destinations. And we know you love them, too.

"But our frenzied admiration and incessant need to experience them – whether prompted by the “Instagram effect” or the bucket-list rebound – are not sustainable."

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And two popular European destinations on the list they advise to avoid.

Venice was one of the destinations, due to overtourism.

Having featured on the No List back in 2018 and last year, the Italian city has introduced several measures to reduce tourists.

This includes a cap on day-trippers, as well as a €5 daily free, being trialled next year.

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And they have already reduced cruise ships in the area.

However, Fodor's Travel warns: "Long preoccupied with engulfment by water, Venice now agonizes over drowning in tourists.

"The rising tide of visitors continues to strain an already fragile beauty and is leading to adverse effects for people and place."

And it's not just Venice on the list that is popular with Brits.

The Greek capital of Athens has been added to this year's 'avoid' list, also due to soaring tourist numbers.

Fodor's warns: "Post-economic crisis, political unrest, and pandemic, the Greek tourism bureau sang the marketing siren song, bringing travellers flooding into Athens.

"There’s fear that if the surge of visitors continues unchecked, the most Athenian boroughs will culturally erode and physically disappear."

The Acropolis, the most popular tourist attraction has already introduced a daily cap to avoid overwhelming the UNESCO Heritage Site.

Previously welcoming as many as 23,000 tourists a day, this has now been restricted to 20,000.

Entry times are staggered throughout the day, with holidaymakers urged to prebook or risk being turned away.

Other destinations on the No list include Mount Fuji in Japan, due to the dangers to the soaring number of climbers, as well as Vietnam's Ha Long Bay due to the pollution caused by the tourist boats.

San Gabriel Mountains National Monument in California also made the list, due to problems with littering and graffiti from tourists which is damaging the environment, and Thailand's Koh Samui due to water shortages.

Others on the list are:

  • The Ganges River, India (due to river cruise ship pollution)
  •  Lake Superior (due to pollution effecting the eco-system)
  • The Atacama Desert, Chile (due to fast fashion pollution)

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Last year's Fodor's No List included Cornwall, as well as Barcelona, Paris, and Dubrovnik, due to mass tourism.

And this year's Fodor's Go List includes Albania, Bergen, Rouen and Sighișoara in Europe, as well as Sri Lanka and Cape Verde.

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