The flight booking 'hack' that could save you a lot of money when planning holidays | The Sun

A TRAVELLER has revealed the easy hack he uses to get cheap flights for his holidays.

With prices on the rise for airfares, finding creative ways to cut back on our holiday fees is currently very important.

While there are many ways to find cheap holidays, they often require a fair bit of patience.

But TikTok user Sam, who is known as sam_jarman on the social media platform, revealed a very simple method he uses for finding the cheapest flights.

In the video, he explained how he uses Google Flights to find the cheapest options.

He said: "Open up a browser, type in 'Google Flights' and then click the first link.

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"Now select 'round trip' and where you're flying from, but do not put in a destination."

He then encouraged his followers to click on the map to select a destination, which displayed a $217 (£178) round trip from Los Angeles to New York.

For those passengers who can be flexible with their holiday dates, the hack gets even better.

He added: "It gets even better, select 'one week' and click 'all' from the drop-down menu."

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The ability to be flexible with dates reduced the price of the return trip down to $177 (£145).

By following these steps, Google Flights will show you the cheapest airfares for several different destinations, allowing you to pick the cheapest one for a holiday.

Sun Online Travel put the hack to the test and it revealed return flights from London to Rome for £36, to Malta for £68, and to Lisbon for £52, among many other deals

So as long as you're flexible on both your destination and the dates in which you travel, there are certainly savings to be made using the hack.

More than 1,000 people have commented on the video, most of them impressed with the hack.

One person wrote: "Nice, I will definitely try!"

Another added: "Wow I just saved myself $150."

Meanwhile, a third commented on how they'd been using this hack for several years and had made great savings on their holidays for years.

Other people weren't impressed with the hack if it meant that had to fly on the American airlines Frontier or Spirit.

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Meanwhile, a money expert revealed how the day you book and the day you fly can impact how expensive your flights are.

And this dad revealed how he keeps costs down on his family holidays.

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