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A RYANAIR customer was horrified when he claims the airline sent him a security code with the word 'C*NT' in it – branding it an 'unacceptable' and 'offensive' oversight.

Joseph Jackson created an account on the Ryanair website last Sunday to book flights from Stansted Airport to see family.

However, the 43-year-old was left in 'shock' when he received what he branded an 'inappropriate' confirmation email – that contained the word 'c*nt' in the eight-digit account activation code.

The email opened by welcoming the project manager to myRyanair before encouraging him to verify his account by using the security code 'd9c*ntg5'.

The 'potty-mouthed' security code was followed with a stern warning not to 'waste too much time' as the 'sweary' sequence would only be valid for 30 days.

The disgusted shopper was in such disbelief that he claims he would have thought the email was a 'hoax' if he hadn't typed his details into the Ryanair website minutes prior.

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Joseph, from Chessington, was quick to share a screenshot of the offensive email on Twitter the same day.

The caption read: "Might want to ban vulgar words from your automatically generated security codes @Ryanair, pretty shocking that something like this can slip through."

He later explained: "In my line of work we have to have filters to ensure that we're covered in things like that.

"I was shocked that a company of that size doesn't have [the correct] measures in place.

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"I think it's clearly unacceptable and about as offensive as a word can be.

"If I hadn't been doing it [signing up for the website], I would have assumed it was a hoax.

"I was really shocked and just surprised that I could receive such a thing.

"You don't know what sort of words can go out to other people, and other people may be more easily offended by words of that nature.

"If people have kids as well. You don't want it to be going to underage people."

He added that while he knew there was "no malice" in the rude phrase, he said Ryanair should "strengthen their IT systems" to prevent this from happening.

Although the offended customer went ahead and purchased his plane tickets all the same, he claims that the experience may impact whether he chooses to fly with Ryanair in the future.

Joseph said: "I've shown the email to a couple of friends. Their reactions were a mixture of comedy and utter disbelief.

"I haven't had the best customer experience from Ryanair, period. I try to avoid them where possible.

"I guess after this, it certainly wouldn't draw me to using them anymore than I have been in the past."

However Ryanair were unapologetic and rejected the customer's claims that he had received an 'inappropriate word' – saying it was simply a 'randomised sequence of letters and numbers generated using a third party'.

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A spokeswoman for Ryanair said: "This customer did not receive 'an inappropriate word via email as his security code'; this is a standard security code mechanism in which customers receive a randomised sequence of letters and numbers generated using a third party to verify access to their accounts."

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