People are only just realising the simple iPhone camera trick that makes holidaying in foreign countries easier | The Sun

A CLEVER and simple iPhone trick is making life much more simple for holidaymakers heading abroad.

Language barriers are one of the more difficult aspects of trips away from the UK, but technology is making things easier for holidaymakers everywhere.

To get past these struggles, iPhone users with the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and later models, can simply point their camera at words they don't understand and let the phone do the work for them.

The phone's camera app is capable of looking up and translating text that appears within the camera frame.

It can also work out currency exchanges too, meaning you'll know exactly what you're ordering for lunch and how much it's going to cost.

To use the translation service, users simply need to open the camera app, then position the phone so the text appears within the camera frame.

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A yellow frame will then appear around any detected text, and users simply need to tap the menu icon, and select the 'translate' option to find out what it says.

While this function is available on the iPhones XS, XR and above, Android users needn't worry because there are ways in which they too can use their cameras to translate text.

Tiktoker and travel expert Lexi (@travel.w.lex) showed how she uses the Google Translate camera function for exactly the same purpose.

In a video she revealed how the app can change the language of any text she's looking at, while ordering food in a restaurant.

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She said: "Have you ever been staring at a menu or a sign when you're in a different country and been like, 'what does this say?'

"Well, I had no idea that Google Translate has a camera feature where you can just take a picture of it and see what it says in your language.

"Save this for your next trip. I've used it so much."

Phones are becoming increasingly useful for travellers, with technology able to do help in more ways than ever before.

TikToker Katarina Mogus revealed how she uses AirTags with an app on her phone to make sure her bags don't get lost when flying.

The app tracks when your suitcase will appear on the conveyor belt at baggage reclaim – or if it's still at your departure airport, if you're unlucky.

In the video she says: "You can actually track it and know where your luggage is at all times."

Meanwhile, another TikToker showed how to track your friends' flights using a hidden iPhone feature.

And this is how you can create a phone holder to watch films on planes.

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