I’ve been travelling for 25 years – here's my failsafe trick to stopping your feet hurting on holiday | The Sun

A TRAVEL expert has revealed her top tip for preventing sore feet on holiday – and it hasn't failed her for 25 years.

Samantha Brown, who used to host the Emmy award winning Places To Love, shared her golden advice on social media and holidaymakers went wild.

The travel guru posted her helpful hack on TikTok, @samanthabrowntravels, and it's so simple.

She said: "Here is a great travel tip that I actually learned while being a New York City waitress.

"I was a waitress for eight years and I know that it does not matter how comfortable your shoes are, when you've been on your feet for more than four hours they're tired, sweaty, hot and uncomfortable.

"Not only do they need a break, they need a change of scenery so I started to bring flip flops, if I was pulling a double and had a break I would slip my feet into the flip flops.

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"They're great because it allows your feet to stretch out, they get a little breath of fresh air, maybe a little sun, and I would bring powder.

"This absorbs the moisture and the smell."

She continued: "Here's the key, when I was ready to go back into my shoes I would have an extra pair of fresh socks, sprinkle a little more powder, put in my feet.

"I have used this technique with me all throughout my travels for the last 25 years.

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"It's perfect if you're doing theme parks, cruise ships, even a hike."

People were amazed by the nifty hack and flooded the comment section with praise.

Nurses, servers and hikers all agreed the top tip worked for them and "makes a difference".

One impressed user wrote: "This may be the all-time number one travel tip, thanks."

Another penned: "This is the best tip and absolutely works."

A third agreed: "Omg trying this next time we travel."

Someone else commented: "That's super smart."

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