Internet divided after woman's 'trashy' behaviour during flight leaves passengers horrified

A PASSENGER was shamed after draping her hair over a fellow traveller's tray table.

A picture was shared online of her “trashy” behaviour, with her long blonde hair hanging over the back of her seat. 

To make matters worse, her hair was so long that it almost reached the tablet a man was watching.

Captioning the image on Reddit, the horrified passenger wrote: “My view for most of my three-hour flight.”

It is unclear whether he asked the woman to remove her hair from his personal space at any point during the journey.

A number of social media users were insistent that it was rude of the woman, but others criticised the man for seemingly not saying anything to the woman – who may not even have realised the impact it was having.

One person said: "Why can’t people just be considerate on planes? It’s actually pretty easy."

And another added: "The absolute worst part about flying is other passengers."


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But one of many wrote: “Tell them to move their hair.”

Another agreed: “I know, why do these people not say something? I wouldn’t put up with it.”

It's not the first time a passenger's hair has caused shock on a flight – pre-pandemic, travellers were left horrified after a woman removed her wig – and combed it over the tray table.

While on another flight, a passenger was left disgusted to find that used hair extensions had been left in their seat pocket on a flight.

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Don't assume this behaviour is exclusive to economy cabins either – as one man flying business class was caught shaving his head in his seat during a United Airlines flight.

One flight attendant even revealed that she'd witnessed a man set his hair on fire after smoking crack on a plane.

Former cabin crew member Shaun Kathleen is best known for her infamous Instagram account Passenger Shaming, which reveals the worst behaviours of plane passengers.

And during one interview with Australian breakfast show Sunrise, she revealed one of the worst things she has ever seen a passenger do during her career.

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Shaun, who was also a former police officer and paramedic, said: "The worst thing that I've personally seen while working as a flight attendant was probably a gentleman who caught his hair on fire, while he was in the lavatory during a flight, while smoking crack cocaine."

Another traveller was caught giving herself a pedicure during a flight by filing the sole of her foot.

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