I’m a flight attendant – I take extreme measures to hide from passengers pestering me | The Sun

A FLIGHT attendant has shared a secret about what flight attendants do to avoid passengers on the plane.

Staff are trapped onboard planes with hundreds of passengers for several hours each day.

Passengers are often rude, disrespectful and exhausting to work with – so how can flight attendants avoid them?

Amanda Marie, whose following on the social media platform Tiktok tallies up to nearly 750,000 users, has let the world in on a top secret of how she hides from passengers.

According to Amanda, working in the 'C position' of a plane allows flight attendants to hide in the back gallery during a flight.

The 'C' position is the back section of a flight, which means flight attendants interact with fewer passengers if they work there.

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The untold secret is exposed in a goofy Tiktok video, in which Amanda is seen dancing with her hands over her eyes.

She writes in the video's caption, "you'll never find me!"

But Amanda also added a disclaimer in the caption: "For legal reasons, this is a joke."

Several Tiktok users shared Amanda's preference for working in the back section of the plane.

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Camille Stillman, who shares travel tips and stories as a flight attendant on her own TikTok account, said: "Not me picking up a trip in the back when I need a break from being A."

"The engines are a little quieter there too," said another anonymous user.

Amanda is not the only person to share some of the best-kept travel secrets in recent weeks.

It comes as a woman revealed how a secret button gives passengers more space on a flight.

Tiktoker Rosie Doal showed how a button found under the hinge of an armest enables passengers to create extra room for themselves on a flight.

Flight attendants have also been talking about what they take onboard.

One flight attendant named Sophie said she always packs eye drops for long-haul flights to avoid getting dry eyes.

Eye drops can be bought for as cheap as £2 online.

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